Welcome to our Annual Report to Customers 2018

We wanted to make sure this Annual Report for Customers includes information you’re really interested in.

So we asked some of our customers, including members of our Customer Improvement Panel, what they’d like to see.


Here's what they told us were their top picks:

How are we doing on repairs and maintenance?

What do we do about letting our vacant properties?

What's happening in our LiveWell services that deliver care and support?

What plans do we have for the coming year?

You can read about all these topics below.

If you'd like more detail, you can check out our value metrics and analysis in our Financial Statement 2018.

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Repairs and maintenance

We’re looking to deliver a good repairs service that works well for our customers.

In the year to March 2018 87% of our customers were satisfied or very satisfied and our target is to achieve 90% so we have a little way to go on this.

Our customers tell us it's important to them that we get their repair right in one visit. And it's important to us as well because it helps keep costs down.

In the year to March 2018, our Home Maintenance Team got it right first time for 88.25% of repairs. That's not a bad result but we're aiming for 90% in the coming year and we hope that will also improve customer satisfaction.

Investing in your homes

In 2017-18 we spent £3.25 million on improving your homes.

Our Home Maintenance Team has been growing, so they now do some of our planned maintenance (bathrooms and kitchens) as well as other repairs. This saves us money as we don't pay VAT on their labour. Our customers like the team and it helps us offer apprenticeships.

Our planned works programme over the past year included upgrading:

  • 170 kitchens in 8 areas including Gleadless, Manor, Barnsley, and Masbrough. 99% of all our customers said they were satisfied with their new kitchens.
  • 56 bathrooms in Greasbrough, Sharrow, Woodhouse and in Chesterfield. 97% of all our customers said they were satisfied with their new bathrooms.
  • 253 central heating systems in 7 areas including Maltby, Dalton, Edlington, Barnsley and Upperthorpe. 98% of all our customers said they were satisfied with their boiler replacements.
  • 162 new windows and doors in Walkley, Heeley, Auckley and Manor. 97% of all our customers said they were satisfied with the quality of their window and door replacements.

Letting homes

When we get a vacant property our aim is to get it in good order and re-let it as soon as possible.

In the year from April 2017 to March 2018 SYHA let 351 homes. This includes 56 brand new homes.

The overall figure was 40 fewer than in 2016-17 and this is because fewer of our tenants quit their tenancies.

77 of the 351 lettings were to people transferring from one SYHA tenancy to another.

The rest were mostly to people nominated by Local Authorities.

For anyone wanting to become a SYHA tenant, have a look at the

Finding a Home page on our website

Where we're at with LiveWell

LiveWell is the arm of SYHA that delivers care and supported housing, as well as a whole range of  health and wellbeing services to help our customers to settle, live well and realise their potential.

Here are just a few examples of work we’re doing in LiveWell.


WorkingWin is a ground breaking health-led employment trial involving the whole of South Yorkshire & Bassetlaw. It offers employment support for people with mental or physical health conditions.

WorkingWin can support people who are looking for work or people who have a job but are struggling due to their health condition.

To find out more or refer yourself click here to visit the WorkingWin website

Building Better Opportunities

The Building Better Opportunities (BBO) programme has provided expert advice and support to people who are furthest away from employment.

BBO has helped 553 people to move into, or closer to the job market. It's helped to support 81 customers back into employment or self-employment and 34 customers into education or training.

One BBO customer Katie, says: "Experiencing mental health difficulties can be incredibly lonely and isolating, but the staff at BBO have been brilliant. I signed up to the programme and before I knew it, I had a job working at M&S! Having a job is the best feeling...now I feel like I can do things I never thought I could."

The Lister Project

The Lister Project is a warm and inviting home for customers with enduring mental health needs based in Sheffield.

Our customers enjoy the independence, security and privacy of their own home with all the support they need during their recovery.

Alistair is a former resident at The Lister Project who, after 15 years of living there, has recently moved out into the community with the support of our Support and Management Service (SAMS) project.

Being a resident at Lister gave Alistair independence and freedom, which allowed him to feel comfortable to move on to independent living. Talking about this experience Alistair says, “The staff at Lister really helped me get ready for the move. They still come and visit me now, while I’m still settling in.”

To find out more about the Lister Project click this link for more information on our website

What plans do we have for the coming year?




We are committed to finding new ways to build affordable housing.

This year we are piloting the construction of two WikiHouses in Upperthorpe, Sheffield. 

Unlike traditional house building methods, they are constructed using a plywood frame that’s cut to shape off-site - like jigsaw pieces - before being brought to the construction site to be put together. Our WikiHouses will be the first semi-detached homes constructed in this way in the whole country.

This pilot has already caught the attention of BBC Radio Sheffield, and when she was interviewed by them in August, our Business Development Director Miranda Plowden commented: "My gut feeling is that off-site construction will be one of the future solutions to provide affordable housing."

Dun Works

Our Dun Works development will provide over 200 new high-quality apartments in the sought-after Kelham Island area of Sheffield.

This is Sheffield’s first ethical private rented development which is the result of a ground breaking partnership between Cheyne Capital Management and SYHA.

From September the first 57 apartments were completed and went on the market to let, with 35% of these homes reserved for those earning less than £25k.

Interested? Contact the Crucible Sales and Lettings office on 0114 2413430 or visit the Dun Works website on the link below.

Visit Dun Works

Homelessness summit

Helping those who are most in need of a home and preventing homelessness was one of our founding principles and this commitment is as strong today as it's always been.

That's why we're working with Sheffield City Region Mayor Dan Jarvis to bring together key sector organisations across our region in a homelessness summit in November.

The focus of this summit will be to ensure we work together, share best practice and sign up to a joint statement of intent.

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